Okay, this is seriously awesome. Behold The Tesla Gun and its mad scientist creator, Rob Flickenger of Seattle, WA

“After reading The Five Fists of Science, a retelling of ‘war of the currents’ between [Tesla] and [Edison], [Rob] knew he needed a Tesla gun, the sidearm of the story’s protagonist. Since nothing as stupidly awesome and dangerous as a portable Tesla coil has ever been made, [Rob] needed to make his own.

[Rob] started his build as any good weird weapon build begins: taking apart a Nerf gun. A new Aluminum sand cast body replaced the wimpy plastic body of the Nerf gun and after a few days on a mill, [Rob] had an aluminum Nerf gun perfect for holding the guts of a Tesla coil. The high voltage switch is made of porcelain, and the power supply is an 18 V cordless drill battery and a flyback transformer potted with silicone in a PVC pipe end cap.

[Rob] really has a remarkable build on his hands here, and certainly something no one else has ever tried before. While he hasn’t fired his gun yet, we’re sure we’ll hear about it on the nightly news when he does.”

Want to see more photos? We sure did! Visit Rob’s step-by-step photo diary of the creation process of the Tesla Gun. 

[via Hack a Day]

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Me Silent Long Time

Not an excuse, I could have posted SOMETHING in the past few months, but instead…

A while back the hard drive on my PC died. I can extract bits (and bytes) from it - and I have been - but it’s a slow and incomplete process.

I definitely lost some email ad some personal documents, and I’ll need to re-rip a large stack of my CDs; but the good news is I’m 99.4% sure my artworks survived (among other things - I had backups of some things, but now I know how incomplete they were.)

But I’ve moved from the Recovery stage to Reinstalling & Rebuilding.

Updates as they Recur…

At the office, every day is Halloween

So Many Zombies tie

'Orrible Mug

Circus vs. Cirque

Just got back from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s “Barnum 200” circus.  Spectacle overload.  Enter-chaos.  A glorious mound of amazing.

We saw the show last year and this one tops it by a mile.  The theme is celebrating the 200th (actually 201st by now) birthday of P. T. Barnum, and to that end the show is built around re-imagining classic circus elements, classic acts — including the sideshow and the carnival geeks.

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The Happiest Place in Middle Earth by famousafterdeath

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Stay away from the “fire mountain” ride though…

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